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December 2013 Entries

ASP.NET Trends for 2014

I had a co-worker ask me about what areas of the Microsoft stack he should focus on for 2014, specifically around the development/services space. Here’s what I told him. OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) From the project’s GitHub FAQ: OWIN, or the Open Web Interface for .NET, defines a common interface that decouples web applications from web servers. OWIN defines the structure and requirements of HTTP request and response interactions. The assembly codifies the definitions in the spec to allow ......

ToysRUs.ca Bait and Switch – In Stock Might Not Mean In Stock

*Note: Scroll below to see updates to this blog post*This morning I put in an order with ToysRUs.ca. I bought three items, all which were shown to be in stock. I qualified for the free shipping option. I submitted my order and received the confirmation screen, where I was shown this: This item was shown to be in stock when I ordered it, but after I processed the order it magically wasn’t?! And of course, because I fell below the minimum for free shipping I was now charged the shipping amount. I’d ......