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...but this is ridiculous.  Check out these excerpts from this article on Wired News

WN: "You (Jeffrey Rosen) relate a disturbing conversation with Larry Ellison in which he proposed aligning America's national security strategy with the Oracle business plan by building a national database that would include fingerprints. Ellison got testy when you raised privacy concerns. What's good for Oracle and Larry Ellison should be good for America, he seemed to say. Are the corporate market's needs driving how we respond to national security crises?"

Rosen: "That's certainly a danger. But I've never subscribed to (Sun Microsystems CEO) Scott McNealy's view that "You already have zero privacy, get over it." Privacy is such a vital but multifaceted value. There are lots of social and technological forces that conspire to enhance it as well as to threaten it that it's a constant struggle, but it's one that's well worth continuing to fight. "

Yikes!  That's just downright scary.  Microsoft just wants all your money.  These guys want all your money and the skeletons in your closet. 

Just because I can...

posted on Monday, June 7, 2004 7:01 AM