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What is it about the people hanging out in UseNet that makes them so delusional at times?  Mark Treadwell points us to the “official“ rules of SPAM in his recent post.  Just “in case you were never aware of them.“

Rule number 4 is way off the mark.   The last couple of spammers that were arrested recently in the United States were pulling in over a hundred grand a month.  One could assume that since they got busted, they are some of the less intelligent spammers.  Although the penalty for their crime is a few months in minimum security so I am probably way off there on that one.  A few months in the can for a million US bucks a year? Hmmmm....

A pretty good case could be made against rule number 3 as well.  Spammers are continuously ahead of the curve on evading detection and getting past the SPAM filters.  They have a demonstrated creative intelligence.

Spammers are not stupid.  People are stupid. 

Here's the secret:

It's not that I support the spammers, you must understand, it's just that deluding ourselves about the true nature of the people behind the SPAM does little to aid in its elimination.  One also wonders why the rules have not advanced in nearly two years.

Just because I can...

posted on Monday, August 23, 2004 7:37 PM


# RE: I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you... 8/23/2004 8:44 PM (Don Newman)
No, spammers ARE stupid. Its just that some people are MORE stupid (or at least naive). Considering the majority of people were still raised in the pre main stream internet age where they were taught that documented proof meant that it was published in writing from a source that could be cited. People inherently believe what they read.

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