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Well at least Pete Anderson thinks I am.  Pete just left a comment on this old post and it seems that I am famous.  They want me to perform at a charity concert that is going to save the whole world. 

“Me and a very good friend of mine are thinking of getting a charity concert organised. Taking all the big popstars(yourself included) to sing for the help of ALL needy people in the world ie Africa, Iraqu.and even the wind hit parts of America in fact anyone that needs help. If we could get it to be big then we're looking at millions donated. If you would like to ring me the number is UK07961 957562, we just need the help from people like your good selves “

I'll have to ring up Heidi, Ozzy, and Morrison to see if they are in.

Just because I can...(autographs - $5.00)


posted on Sunday, September 26, 2004 3:45 PM