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February 2005 Entries

Welcome…to the real world. --Morpheus The problem with promoting your product as being so much better and safer than somebody else’s is that there are those that will take those claims as a challenge. Stealing market share away from Microsoft is a double-edged sword. It not only puts you into the spotlight in the minds of consumers but also in the minds of the people that want to hack something. I think that the Firefox folks are going to soon learn that the reason they appeared to be ......

...just so that we're all clear, the following email is NOT from Microsoft and there is NO PATCH in the attached zip file. DELETE it immediately. It's likely the virus it's trying to save you from or it's a worm or trojan or some other kind of crap that you absolutely DO NOT want on your computer. ATTENTION!Antivirus vendors are warning of a new variant of the "Sober" virus discovered today that can delete the hard disk. Protection:Download and read the zipped patch. It's very easy to install! Thanks ......

Well, at least the harbinger of the Blogosphere Apocalypse has learned something from his recent experience. "What I didn't know was that the corporate culture at Google was a little more guarded than I had experienced. People weren't blogging about the culture and community at Google. It promoted secrecy as a competitive advantage, and I didn't realize that." Many have called Mark a complete idiot but as the old saying goes: “There but for the grace of God go I”. It could have been ......

I've moved this one over to the Articles section under HOWTO:.  That'll keep things shorter here.

Well, it has finally happened. I’ve been waiting for an event of great enough significance to be considered a sign. I thought that the recent story of Jeremy Wright showed some promise, but it turned out the guy wanted to be fired anyways so he wouldn’t have to pay back the relocation allowance they gave him when he committed to the contract. Pathetic. An associate of mine was nearly fired recently for blogging about something that was still hush-hush. I won’t out him here but suffice ......