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August 2005 Entries

I have no idea what motivates some folks. Probably some kind of latent masochistic tendencies or something. Guest, obviously not his/her real name, (and to paraphrase the bard, an anonymous coward by any other name...) felt obliged to comment on my article relating the tale of our recent database migration attempt. No CRM system is without its faults. As with all software, its impossible to envision the demands 10 years down the road. Well duh! For the record, I wasn't slagging on Navision as a whole. ......

This is the most beautiful thing that I have ever read. Not even the folks at FireFox are denying that they broke the public extension interface and yet this yahoo in a comment thread on Scobleizer's blog feels the need to justify the action. First, someone with the dubious handle of “Steve Jobs“ posts the following: I don't see the point of the whole fuss. FireFox breaks extensions with every major release. And no one gives a crap! Steve Jobs • 7/29/05; 2:34:16 AM Good point “Steve“. ......

Here's a cool little add-in for Microsoft Word that will appeal to the tin-foil hat crowd. With the Microsoft Word Redaction Add-In you can now “filter“ the information you make available just like the CIA. And to keep copies of those redacted files in synch, you'll want to check out this cool little power toy. An associated white paper is available as well. Cool. DaveJust because I can... ......

[Update] So it looks like the problem was installing it to a drive that already had Windows XP on it. After the final reboot at the end of the install I was presented with a logon screen that had Administrator and Guest as choices. I tried every password I've ever used for Administrator as well as all of the common defaults like P@ssw0rd and the like but to no avail. I had a Win2K installation on my C: drive and Windows XP on a separate physical drive H:. I installed Vista to the H: drive launching ......