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Ed Bott over on ZDNet was installing a new OS.  Being an experienced techno-wonk he used the following steps to ensure a smooth installation:

  • I made sure I had a CD containing the latest released version, placed that CD in the drive, and restarted. The system detected the CD, launched the boot files, and allowed me to create a new partition to install the OS files.
  • I answered a few questions and then let the installation proceed automatically. After everything completed (well under an hour), I created a new user account and password and logged on.
  • The very first thing I saw was a pop-up balloon warning me that there were updates available. When I clicked that icon, the screen dimmed and a password dialog box appeared. I couldn’t continue or perform any other task until I entered the administrator password.
  • Even though I had installed the very latest version, I saw that there were 98 separate updates available, designed to “correct errors, eliminate security vulnerabilities and provide new features.” It took approximately a half-hour to download and install everything over my high-speed connection.
  • After the updates completed, I was warned that I had to restart the computer before all of the updates would be effective. So I did.
    When I reached the desktop, I noticed that the system clock was off. I tried to adjust it and was greeted once again with the dimmed-out login screen where I was prompted to enter the administrator password.
  • I noticed that the display resolution was set to 1024x768, but when I tried to change it to my monitor’s actual resolution of 1280x1024, I discovered that the settings dialog box didn’t offer that option and there was no obvious way to tweak it.

So how many of you are screaming “F***ing Microsoft”, “F***ing Vista!!”  I thought as much.

Click here for the full article and the shocking truth!

Just because I can...


posted on Friday, August 18, 2006 3:49 PM