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July 2007 Entries

Gobsmacked*. That's what I was. There's no other word for it. I wrote yesterday about the abduction of our cat from our back yard by a brazen coyote. Read that first. TingTing was one of a litter of nine kittens born to a stray that was taken in by the local vet. She was the smallest of the bunch and while her mother and the other kittens were jet black, she was a dark grey. We waited until she could be weaned from her mother and then took her home. We already had the big male Mimi and he was none-too-pleased ......

Monday morning at approximately 5:00 AM our beloved cat TingTing was snatched away by a coyote right in our own back yard and literally at the feet of my wife. TingTing was an indoor cat but was not declawed and was in the habit of having a morning romp in the back yard. She never strayed away from the property into the open field behind our home. We have a door to the back yard from our Master Bedroom and shortly after being let out there was a considerable commotion at our bedroom window. It was ......