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March 2010 Entries

I mean seriously. Let’s imagine for a moment that by some stroke of luck or genius or cosmic accident that you come to be the owner of You’d think you had won the lottery. That would be like having a license to print money. I mean really. Sex is the most searched term on the entire Internet. Even without any SEO you’d think that your site would show up on the first page of results on Google. You would think that; and you’d be wrong. At least in the case of the current owners of that domain ......

I have a headache and it’s not even 9AM yet. Well, ok, it’s nearly ten here now in GMT –5 but it’s before nine somewhere still. Sometimes people will miss the point of something so utterly and completely that one is left wondering how such a person can even dress themselves. Writing an application using WPF and the Composite Application Library (Prism) means that one must learn the various programming idioms common to these frameworks. The Windows Forms event driven model simply will not suffice. ......