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Let’s focus on Exam 70-516 this time. This exam is TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

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The exam objectives are:

Modeling Data

Map entities and relationships by using the Entity Data Model
Map entities and relationships by using LINQ to SQL
Create and customize entity objects
Connect a POCO model to the Entity Framework
Create the database from the Entity Framework model
Create model-defined functions


Managing Connections and Context

Configure connection strings and providers
Create and manage a data connection
Secure a connection
Manage the DataContext and ObjectContext
Implement eager loading
Cache data
Configure ADO.NET Data Services


Querying Data

Executing a SQL query
Create a LINQ query
Create an Entity SQL (ESQL) query
Handle special data types
Query XML
Query data by using ADO.NET Data Services


Manipulating Data

Create, update, or delete data by using SQL statements
Create, update, or delete data by using DataContext
Create, update, or delete data by using ObjectContext
Manage transactions
Create disconnected objects


Developing and Deploying Reliable Applications

Monitor and collect performance data
Handle exceptions
Protect data
Synchronize data
Deploy ADO.NET components
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