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I came across the following information on twitter today: “Microsoft has made available a demo environment for the Microsoft Office platform”.  What is this, you may ask? Well it is a smorgasbord demo environment!! It includes Microsoft Office, Lync, Exchange, SharePoint, and all in the 2013 stack. 

You get two possible options, one is to create a demo Office 365 site, the other is to download a set of VHDs. The initial details on this …

If you chose to download the VHDs, you can download with demo content  or without demo content.  The download is about 56GB.


If you chose to provision an Office 365 demo environment, you will create an E3 tenant.  Then it will launch a process that will provision all needed items for the demo.


The thing to be mindful of when provisioning is the length of time it will require, the email I received made mention of that fact. So, in about 8 to 36 hours, I will know how long it took.


Anyway, if you are a Microsoft Partner or work for a Partner … take a look at:

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 2:50 PM SharePoint , Tools , Lync , Office 365 | Back to top

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