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OR/Mappers, your thoughts and NHibernate

Any body using NHibernate?  So far I like it, but it honestly doesn't feel stable.  When running tests, sometimes (sometimes!) the queries that ran fine just before bomb out with

Message: expected in: <end-of-text>

The query executed was "from prf_ProfileSection"... not much else to screw up here, yet the parser fails.  Then, I recompile the DLLs and run and it works again...

Anyhow, the main question for this blog post is what's your favorite OR/M and how flexible and stable is it?

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# re: OR/Mappers, your thoughts and NHibernate

I expressed my experiences here:
8/20/2007 2:32 PM | Bob

# re: OR/Mappers, your thoughts and NHibernate

Hi' I'm using NHibernate for 6 months (version 1.0 and now 1.2 stable). I never had any problems with unexpected behaviour, but I've noticed that sometimes it may look like something is NHibernate problem and turns out to be not. Especially when you've problems dealing with session and then you may expect "sometimes my query fails".

What I think is that everyone who is using NHib as persistence layer should have log4net enabled for development. It shows very accurate information about internal NHib processing and can help you solving most of problems.

Also I think no-one should use trunk NHib. I tried that and it was disaster. It is too unstable even for playing purposes.
10/19/2007 8:17 AM | Sebbie
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