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I receive daily newsletters from DotNetSlackers regarding various .NET topics.  Today I read an article from an apparent Microsoft employee who gave some insight to the organizational culture within the company.  Always on the lookout for new tools and technologies I noted that he used Windows Live Writer for editing and managing his blog content.  I thought I’d give it a try.

Let’s try adding a picture and adjusting it’s placement within this blog post relative to this text. …

Adding the image is quite simple using the “Insert” options given to the right of the blog content editor.  Inserting without using a table makes aligning text just so impossible, but that’s inherent with any WYSIWYG editor.  Instead using a table with at least 2 columns (1 for text and 1 for the image) works best.



Let’s try adding a map!


That’s pretty sweet!  You can map to any location within the editor itself.  A dialog opens which utilizes Bing! allowing you to enter the address, etc.

Map picture

Well, that’s enough for me.  Time to pimp this to my wife for use on our family blog.  BTW, Windows Live Writer allows you to post content to a number of blogging sites…fantastic!!!

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