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Gary Pronych 1 Part .NET Developer, 2 Parts Personal Developer; 100% Canadian March 2008 Entries
Regina Community Connection Event: Post-Op
As D'Arcy shared on his blog last night, Will Craddock and Rodney Buike hosted a Community Connection event sponsored by CIPS and Microsoft in Regina, Sask, Canada. We had a great turn out, expected 175 people, I would assume 100+ attended although I did not get the final numbers. This event type was certainly new to our market; it followed the idea of Open Spaces that has been all the rage in the community. What I was most impressed with, is the fact that Microsoft made an effort to enforce community ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 19, 2008 6:45 AM

ClickOnce: Winforms Deployment - Part 1
Currently my client has a number of WinForm applications in development. When it came time to deploy these solutions to end users in multiple facilities, discussions of xcopy installations started. Xcopy is not the best solution; in the past it has been servicable to meet this requirement, today we have better options. Some of the flaws of xcopy deployment include - Network connectivity required: if the PC is off it will not get the update - Installation Lists: You need to know which PC's have your ......

Posted On Sunday, March 16, 2008 9:27 AM

How to Install: Subversion and CruiseControl.NET
Shaneo just posted 2 how-to articles that every development team should be using; Source Control and Continuous Integration. 1) Subversion Install Quick Tutorial Subversion is a free source control management server that integrates seemlessly with Visual Studio. 2) CruiseControl.Net Install and Configure Quick Tutorial CruiseControl.NET is an automated Continuous Integration server. CC.NET automates the integration process by monitoring your source control repository. Every time a developer commits ......

Posted On Sunday, March 2, 2008 9:39 AM

Burdens of a Small Market User Group Leader
All .NET developers should know that there are a number of Launch events across Canada in the coming months. US and International developers can use this link for registration information. Larger cities are hosting big splash 'Launch and Technical Readiness' events which are the big bang marketing events for Microsoft. The big cities and smaller cities will have a 'Community Connections' event which is a typically a more user group community orientated event. Being a user group leader of a community ......

Posted On Saturday, March 1, 2008 10:18 AM

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