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During my local Microsoft Community Connection event, one of the key topics was the IT labor shortage.
Local IT PRO user group leader and MVP,  Will Craddock recently described the IT shortage and added some perspective from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Clearly, there are more jobs available now then ever, but why are these jobs going unfilled?

I am a .NET user group leader in my community; in my role, I have been exposed to some of the employee / employer challenges.
In the past 1 year, I have had 2 recent graduates contact me looking for employment opportunities. They had short term employment and had troubles finding development position in the local market.
I referred these developers to employers in need.

How did their interviews turn out?
Sorry, we are looking for someone able to hit the ground running.
As a result, these developers were forced to leave the local community to find employment in other markets.

I have been in interviews as the interiewer and interiewee when this expectation is voiced by the employer.
Look at any job posting, you will likely find the tag 'x years experience required'.
If employers are limiting their criteria by those with experience,  there will be no new talent.
The same developers with experience end up revolving around the industry.

I believe this is in part because development shops typically run at 110%.
Once they hit the 120%+ mark they will likely say
'Holy crap, we are paying a shitload of OT... we need another developer stat!'
Running a development shop at 90% means 10% wages are going towards non-billable activities; which looks bad on your employers bottom line.

My advice to these employers is to make an investment in your employees.
Spend the 10% slack time on internal projects or training activities.
It is likely your organization has a number of legacy applications (Brownfield applications) that could use some TLC.

So before the IT industry starts screaming 'The Sky is Falling!!' they should consider opening up their employment strategy.
As developers, we are constantly looking for ways to be agile; maybe employers can take note. Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 8:15 PM User Group , Musings | Back to top

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Very interesting comments regarding the IT job market in Regina. Our company may be looking to hiring a significant amount of developers in our Regina office and I'm concerned we also will not be able to fullfill the positions. However, we are taking an open approach and considering "fresh" talent. I would be interested in meeting with you and discussing the opportunity of developing and growing the IT job market in Regina. My contact information is available at
Left by Tim Peterson on Apr 11, 2008 8:53 AM

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My advice to the developers out there without any experience to put on your resume: Lie Lie Lie !
By the way, if you weren't aware, everybody is lying. CEOs are lying about their compensation, CFOs are lying about the numbers, Managers are lying about their results and Recruiters are lying about how their company is treating the employees. So come on, don't play the game by their rules, just set your own. There are thousands of firms out there providing fake recommendations for a few bucks. Don't wait there wondering why the game is rigged, create your own resume with fake companies and roles.

The job market and society is corrupt to its bones. OPEN YOUR EYES ! :)
Left by YourBuddy on Mar 01, 2009 1:58 PM

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please send me shortage of employee
Left by wondwseon geremew on Jan 16, 2010 2:45 AM

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