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Steve Riley, Microsoft Senior Security Strategist provided a keynote at DevConnections in Las Vegas.

The topic was, ‘Next 10 years of IT’.
The keynote was very unique and thought provoking, so I would like to share some thoughts.

Green IT

How many servers do you have in your server room? What is their utilization?

Personally, over my last few clients I know of a handful of servers that running less than 20% CPU utilization. Is this efficient?
If these machines where VM’d they could be reallocated and share resources on a single box.

This is a very important strategy in an area where businesses have growing concerns with their bottom line as the market tightens.

Streamline IT

In an era with SOA taking the stage, it is very possible program developers will only write services.
Information workers can use tools like WorkFlow (WF) to connect single responsibility services, this tool will allow them to assign business rules and logic.
A lot of productivity is lost explaining business logic / rules to programmers. If we could provide our business users with the tools to write their own rules, there will be signification productivity gains.

Consolidation of Vendors and Services

We did a quick review of hardware vendors from the 80’s to today; there were 20+ server vendors from this area. Today there are less than 10.
Is this because these companies could not adapt to change? Or they could not innovate?

IT must be Adaptive to Change

We did a quick review of the mainframe era, how IBM ruled the industry; soon thereafter, the PC came available.
It was desirable for end users to use personal devices, the mainframe systems could not adapt, therefore were left behind.
IBM ended up being left behind and lost significant market share.

How do we predict the future?
By looking at the past; history tends to repeat. We need to be agile and open to new ideas.
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