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We have been busy organizing a number of community events.
I would like to share some events Regina.NET has been working on and other community events.

All the below events are free and open to the public.

Date: April 8th @ 6 PM

Speaker: Rod Paddock
Topic: JQuery with ASP.NET

Web 2.0 is here to stay. jQuery is a JavaScript library that abstracts away all of the gory details of working with JavaScript for web applicatons. This session will demonstrate how to add jQuery to your ASP.NET applications today. This session will focus on proper uses of jQuery including how to organize your JavaScript code, how to use selectors in jQuery and how to manipulate your web content dynamically. Along with uses of the standard jQuery library, time will also be spent exploring some of the most useful jQuery plugs-ins.

More details and registration

Thanks to DevTeach we will be giving away a conference registration worth $1249 CDN!

Date: April 21th @ 6 PM

Speaker: TBD
Topic: From the Client to the Cloud

Windows 7. Windows Live™. Windows Azure. The Microsoft-based platform presents a bevy of opportunities for all of us. Whether you are an IT Manager, Developer, or IT Pro knowing how these will impact you is critical, especially in the new economic reality.

This session will allow you to understand Microsoft’s Software+Services vision through a combination of presentation, demonstration, and discussion. Learn how you can collaborate more effectively and take your small and mid-sized business to the next level and accessible from virtually anywhere using the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite. You will see Windows 7 in action and gain insight into how you can harness it in your environment. We will demonstrate how Windows 7 and Windows Live allow you to connect and collaborate with friends and family in ways you may not have thought of before. Find out how to develop applications that take advantage of Windows Azure Services providing new levels of scalability. Finally, discover how bringing together the power the Desktop with the flexibility of the Cloud will provide amazing opportunities for you to solve some difficult challenges ahead.

From the Client to the Cloud is your opportunity to learn how to harness the power and flexibility of the Microsoft-based platform from the client to the cloud.

Registration Information
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Date: May 5th @ 6 PM

Speaker: Uwe Schmitz
Topic: Introducing SOLID Object-Oriented Design Principles and Microsoft Unity

SOLID is an acronym for
  • Single Responsibility Principle,
  • Open/Closed Principle,
  • Liskov Substitution Principle,
  • Interface Segregation Principle, and
  • Dependency Inversion Principle.

In this session, we’ll introduce SOLID principles which help developers to
  • simplify the implementation,
  • minimize the impact of change, and
  • facilitate testing 

by emphasizing high cohesion and low coupling using techniques centered around abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. In addition, we’ll introduce the Microsoft Unity Application Block, a lightweight, extensible dependency injection container for applying the Dependency Inversion Principle.

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