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Last year Microsoft pre-released SP2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 as build 6002.16497 under KB948465.

One of the most annoying features of using this build is that it would apply an evaluation watermark to the bottom right hand corner of each of your desktops (if you have 2+ monitors it will appear on both screens).

Honestly, for months I thought the watermark meant my license was detected as a evaluation license but I know I am using an OEM license.

Afterwards I found some guides to remove the watermark by making some system changes.
I am not one to download DLL’s to override OS libraries for security reasons so I just accepted this annoyance.

April 30th 2009 Microsoft released Vista SP2 RTM to TechNet subscribers.
As KB948465 describes, you need to uninstall any pre-released versions of SP2 prior to the RTM installation.

If it wasn’t for the evaluation build watermark, I may have neglected to update to the RTM build since the pre-release build does not expire until May 1, 2010.
I couldn’t find any other way to detect I was using a pre-RTM build although I only did a couple minor checks;
- Computer | Properties show Service Pack 2.
      However, On the same screen Help | About may show a version number; my RTM reads ‘Version 6.0 (Build 6002: Service Pack 2)
- Programs and Features | View installed updates; showed ‘Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB948465)’

If you download the 1.4 GB SP2 ISO from TechNet it will tell you if you need to uninstall a previous installation of SP2, it will also tell you if you have the correct build installed.
I am sure their is a better way to detect your build

The x64 SP2 is 591 MB, the x32 SP2 is 356 MB, the I64 SP2 is 461 MB; the TechNet ISO contains all three versions of the KB.

As of May 25th 2009, Vista and Windows Server 2008 sp2 downloads are now available.

x86 at this link
64 bit at this link

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# re: Vista SP2 Release, Evaluation Build 6002 Removal
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I've removed vista sp2, attempted to install the new SP2 error message is there is still an evaluation copy on my machine. What's up with that, I'm thinking if you are going to provide a beta item at least have the gonads to provide a means to remove the thing. I'm switching to LINUX. Previous threads suggest restarting the system twice, done that it's still there. I'm not buying removal software just to remove this SP. Can you assist?
Left by Walter on Jun 22, 2009 5:37 AM

# re: Vista SP2 Release, Evaluation Build 6002 Removal
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I ran into the reboot issue on a couple of my workstations.
An extra reboot cleared away the watermark when I uninstall SP2 and was running only SP1.

I would suggest my above tip on checking
'My Computer', Properties then check the 'help', 'about'; verify the version number of your build.
Make sure you download the RTM version of the Service Pack (SP).
I updated my post to include the correct links.
It is possible you downloaded the beta build of this KB again; which is one of the draw backs of using the same KB number of beta and RTM builds.

Another option is to uninstall SP2 and allow Windows Update to download the correct SP2 build.

Hope this help
Left by Gary Pronych on Jun 22, 2009 11:49 AM

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