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Ext JS is a very powerful javascript UI library which allows you to create a rich internet applications. Ext JS is very easy in use, in learn and has very intuitive API. Supports all major web browsers (IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari).


Starting with this post I would like to initiate a series of articles explaining the nuances of how  to use a basics Ext aspects in web developments with ASP.NET MVC and how to create a great-looking user interfaces in web  apps.


Links to all related articles to this tutorial I will be posting below 

- Integration ExtJS and ASP.NET MVC

- Interaction with user. Dialogs.

- Forms with EXT JS new

And remember. Here is very good documentation to Ext JS library created by their authors. If you don’t understand something (e.g. one of the config option) that appears in one of the tutorials, the first place where should you go is the link above.


For more powerful examples showing how to use a Ext JS library in a various of situations, look at the official Sample & Demos section.


Official forum is located here.


I also assume that you know what it is class, method, event and property (since this tutorial is intended for .NET programmers). Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 5:23 AM Ext JS , Ext JS Tutorial | Back to top

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