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Coexistence between Exchange forests (without trusts…) -- Part 9: Synchronization!

Note: The entire list must be run through in order and progression to the next step cannot be done until the current step has completed for all Management agents!

Step 1: Right click the management agent, select “Run” and “Full Import (Staging Only)”.

Step 2: Right click the management agent, select “Run” and “Full Synchronization”.

Step 3: Right click the management agent, select “Run” and “Export”.

Step 4: Right click the management agent, select “Run” and “Delta Import”.

Note: Step 4 (Delta Import) is to confirm the export was successful.

Note: It is recommended to verify the contact objects were created in all Active Directory forests at this point.


Create a scheduled task to run hourly synchronization

Note: This is required to keep both GALs up to date. If this hourly (or regular) synchronizations are not performed, eventually, the GALs will no longer represent accurate information.

Note: The code for the synchronization scripts is located in the references chapter. No warranty is given on this code by the author of this document or Microsoft and it should be reviewed, as well as tested, before being placed in production environments.

Step 1: Open task scheduler (administrative tools > Task Scheduler).

Step 2: In the Actions Pane, click on Create Basic Task….

Step 3: Enter a Name and Description.

Step 4: As Trigger, use Daily.

Step 5: Have the task recur every day and select a start time.

Step 6: Use Start a program as action.

Step 7: Enter powershell in the Program/script field and –command .\start-sync.ps1 in the add arguments field. In the start in field, enter the directory where the script is located.

Step 8: In the Finish pane, tick the box next to Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click finish and click Finish.

Step 9: In the properties of the newly created task, click on the Triggers tab.

Step 10: In the Triggers tab, click the edit button to adapt the schedule of the task.

Step 11: In the Edit Trigger window, tick the box next to Repeat task every: and select 1 hour from the drop down box. Click on the drop down box next to for a duration of and select Indefinitely. Click OK.

Step 12: Click on Task Scheduler Library, select your task, right click it and select Run to test the execution of the task. A PowerShell window will open and show the progression through each synchronization step.



Coexistence between Exchange forests (without trusts…)  -- Part 8: Enabling Provisioning

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