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August 2007 Entries

Creating pdf files on the fly is now possible from Microsoft Office. Just download this addin and there you go. No stress and saves time ......

I came across this article on codeproject and i found it very helpful when writing queries against SQL SERVER it simples guides you what to avoid and guides to writing good sql queries. You can go through the article here I know its difficult keeping the rules but its possible. I'm out looking for a SQL SERVER 2005 DO's and DON'TS since alot has changed ......

I must say this is a nice to tool to have.There are times when you just need to see a table difference.This would help you work smarter. You can see a screeshot of it here. And you can download it here Enjoy ......

Here is some good news from sharepoint designer team Just surfed on this topic SPDataSource and Rollups with the Data View And i think it answers many of the questions on the forum on how to have a view of multiple lists cross sites and subsites etc..Although i have managed to do the same using some other workarounds i would alo find time to try this solution too. There are also some couple of other workarounds and also a webpart i found very useful I would be blogging on them very soon. Cya ......

Sure many Developers are interested whats happening to silverlight "light up the web" as Microsoft named it Just surfed on this interesting article.. at hmm.. seems silverlight might be a BIG threat to FLASH.. enjoy the article:) ......

Many of us working with MOSS or WSS v3 must have been battling with this new cool product called Sharepoint Designer. And to be frank its really cool when you get to play with it well. On my Dev WSS site i wanted to get some sample data from Sql server 2005 and host it on my WSS site. So i first started by firing up sharepoint designer > Datasource Library and of course clicked on database connections It actually allows you to just type in your DATABASE name you want to connect to and then username ......

In SQL Server 2005, if you try to drop a database user by right-clicking the user name and clicking Delete, you may encounter an error as follows. "The database principal owns a schema in the database, and cannot be dropped. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 15138). This problem normally occurs when a user owns a schema and you are trying to delete the user. There are many workarounds for these one is Using the GUI in "Object Explorer" (MS SQL Management Studio) Expand the [databasename] / Security. ......

When installing Sql Server 2005/2000 you propbably had options of installing it using Mixed mode Authentication (Sql server and Windows Authentication or Windows Authentication. But i think i must have chosen Windows Auth since its recommended and more secured.So on my Sql Server 2005 i created a user login and gave some it some access to some database,table objects etc.. Only when i tried logging in using the username i got the error "Error The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection". ......