August 2006 Entries

FasterTemplate c# code
So I wrote the thing up. Compared with a fairly common alternative, a run of the more type safe and render friendly template took 260 ms to merge 10k iterations vs. 480 ms for the alternative. In addition, the alternative went through almost twice the allocations (meaning more GC would result). I'm kind of pleased that this is faster than the alternative, but am going to do some more thinking of a better way. A 46% reduction is nice, but it's just under twice as fast. Still, the benefits of a cached ......

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Runtime token substitution

In too many instances, web page implementation include some basic utility that takes a string and merges runtime values into it to support dynamic content presentation. This can be a performance bottleneck if done wrong, and can benefit from better design. I'm thinking of a FasterTemplate object scheme to address this.

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