August 2009 Entries

Unit Testing and approval tests
It's been years now that unit testing frameworks and tools have grabbed our attention, made their way into our favorite IDE and sparked yet another wave of seemingly endless "my framework is better than yours" wars. And then there are the principal wars of whether TDD is better than Test After Development. And most excitingly the automated testing tools etc. Oh, and let's not forget mocks! So we have all the tools we need – right? Well, kind of, no. I recently attended a talk by Llewellyn Falco and ......

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MVC Radio Button List
As predicted, I came around to using some radio buttons. As you might guess by now, I didn't like the HTML or the implementation in the current MVC release. As you may expect, I wrote my own :-) The implementation is fairly simple and straightforward. It extends System.Web.MVC.ViewPage, takes a list of objects, allows for selection of one of the radio buttons, supports orientation and supports selection of both the value the radio button submits and the display string for that item independently. ......

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MVC paged list
The need As certain as the sun rising tomorrow, there will come the point where you will want to display a list or grid with paging. While many solutions exist, and many component developers are coming in with robust solutions, a simple and satisfactory solution can be created fairly easily. Implementation Why create a pager from scratch? Several reasons: 1) You want to control the pager completely – display, style and all. 2) You don't like the idea of JavaScript paging, which will load your hundreds ......

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