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After trying for a while to make the subject working I gave up and turned to the BizTalk product team. It was confirmed that SOAP adapter would not populate message context with client certificate as HTTP adapter does and the new bug was filed. Apparently, it's pretty major fix and won't probably make it to the RTM. The alternative is to use resolution by SecurityID (AllowByCert=false; AllowBySID=true in the pipeline's party resolution component). The client certificate mapping to windows accounts must be set up in IIS which adds extra operational efforts of managing those. And while I was playing around with this issue two more problems with documentation were discovered.

First, according to the documentation to configure party resolution based on Windows account you need to add Alias/Qualifier/Value triplet like this: Alias: WindowsUser; Qualifier: ==; Value: <domain\user name>. Part of this is wrong. Qualifier must be WindowsUser. Alias can be any value.

Second, the party resolution sample in the SDK (\SDK\Samples\Orchestrations\PartyResolution) is not being setup properly because of the errors in the setup script (setup.bat). Some assemblies are not added to the GAC and all artifacts installed into default “BizTalk Application 1“. Accordingly, cleanup.bat doesn't do a good job leaving some project artifacts behind. Here's the link for corrected setup and binding files to save you some time if interested running this sample.

Happy dogfooding :o)


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Just to follow up: The latest version of BizTalk documentation is updated and now contains correct instructions on setting Qualifier to "WindowsUser".
Left by PaulP on Apr 12, 2006 3:00 PM

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