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Welcome Readers!,

 I am starting out a new series on ASP.NET  MVC skill building which will be posted over the next couple of weeks.  Let me know your thoughts on the content, which I have planned and a couple of them has been taken from ASP.NET MVC2 Cookbook. (NOTE: Only the heading has been taken, the content will be not :)).   Do let me know what you would like to see, or any additional inputs or ideas to cover in this topics.  The 30 steps are oultined below for quick reference.  Will start filling this out quickly.

 Outlined is the ‘30’ step to master ASP.NET MVC.

  1. A Peek Into Model
    1. What is a model?
    2. Different types of model
    3. Presentation/ViewModel
    4. Model Mapping (AutoMapper)


  1. A Peak into View
    1. How view works in ASP.NET MVC?
    2. View Engine Design
    3. Custom View Engine
    4. View Best Practices
    5. Templated Helpers
    6. Partial Views


  1. A Peak into Controller
    1. Introduction
    2. Controller Design
    3. Controller Best Practices
    4. Asynchronous Controller
    5. Custom Action Result
    6. Action Filters
    7. Controller Factory to use with IOC


  1. Routes
    1. Explanation
    2. Routes from the database
    3. Routes from XML
    4. More complex routing


  1. Master Pages
    1. Basics
    2. Setting Master Page Dynamically


  1. Working with data in the view
    1. Repeating Views
    2. Array of check boxes
    3. Array of radio buttons
    4. Paged data
    5. CRUD
    6. Client side action
    7. Confirmation Dialog (modal window)
    8. jqGrid


  1. Working with Forms


  1. Validation
    1. Model Validation with DataAnnotations
    2. Using the xVal validation framework
    3. Client side validation with jQuery Validation
    4. Fluent Validation
    5. Model Binders


  1. Templating
    1. Create strongly typed helper using T4
    2. Custom View Templates with T4
    3. Create custom MVC project template using T4


  1. IOC
    1. AutoFac
    2. Ninject
    3. Unity Application


  1. Areas


  1. jQuery, Ajax and jQuery Plugins


  1. State Maintenance
    1. Application State
    2. User state
    3. Cookies
    4. Webfarm


  1. Error Handling
    1. View error handling
    2. Controller error handling
    3. ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers)


  1. Authentication and Authorization
    1. User Registration form
    2. SignOn Process
    3. Password Reminder
    4. Membership and Roles
    5. Windows authentication
    6. Restricting access to all pages
    7. Restricting access to selected pages
    8. Restricting access to pages by role
    9. Restricting access to a controller
    10. Restricting access to selected area


  1. Profiles and Themes
    1. Using Profiles
    2. Inheriting a Profile
    3. Migrating an anonymous profile
    4. Creating custom themes
    5. Using themes
    6. User personalized themes


  1. Configuration
    1. Adding custom application settings in web.config
    2. Displaying custom error messages
    3. Accessing other web.config configuration elements
    4. Adding custom configuration elements to web.config
    5. Encrypting web.config sections


  1. Tracing, Debugging and Logging


  1. Caching
    1. Caching a whole page
    2. Caching pages based on route details
    3. Caching pages based on browser type and version
    4. Caching pages based custom strings
    5. Caching partial pages
    6. Caching application data
    7. Object Caching
    8. Using Microsoft Velocity
    9. Using MemCache
    10. Using AppFabric cache


  1. Localization


  1. HTTP Handlers and Modules


  1. Security
    1. XSS/CSRF
    2. AnitForgery
    3. Encoding


  1. HtmlHelpers
    1. Strongly typed helpers
    2. Writing custom helpers


  1. Repository Pattern (Data access)


  1. WF/WCF


  1. Unit Testing


  1. Mocking Framework


  1. Integration Testing


  1. Load / Performance Testing


  1. Deployment


 Once again let me know your thoughts on this.


  Till then, Enjoy MVC'ing!!!






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I'm looking forward to your contents!
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sir, really thank for this article
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