April 2013 Entries

TechEd India Data: Exposing Azure Mobile Services through Web API
For those who attended my session at TechEd India 2013, one of the topics I presented was, on Azure Mobile Services. I also presented on new enhancements to ASP.NET with the Visual Studio 2012 Fall Update. As a mixture of both the sessions, I mentioned about building a Web API feed for Tech Ed Data that could be consumed through Azure Mobile Services. If you are new to Azure Mobile Services, you can read up about from http://www.windowsazure.com... Azure Mobile Services is best ......

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Updated Windows Blog Reader Sample with Background Task
I had earlier posted the Blog Reader Sample with Search Implementation. The Blog Reader is an excellent place to start to build XAML Windows 8 Apps. I had customized it to include Search and a few other things. As much as we would love to open the Blog Reader and have it running all the time to check new feeds, it would be nice if we can get those as a part of the Live Tiles. Live Tiles in Windows 8 allows people to get a peek of what’s happening new and thereafter pre-empts the users to click the ......

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