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I had been planning to take advantage of the 2nd chance free exams since they were announced again... was that 3 months ago?  Almost too late, I registered this morning and took an exam (there were no appointments available on the last day 6/30).

Exam 70-547
PRO: Designing and Developing Web-Based Applicaitons by Using the
Microsoft .NET Framework

YEP I passed :)

Decided to go with this exam first because a) had a free 2nd shot b) wanted to see format and content level of this exam c) thought maybe it would be a higher level and less “details“  and I could get by with a little less studying than normal for me (as I rule I DEFINITELY overstudy).  Although there were not case studies followed by a series of questions (tg) each question did require some analysis and then selecting the right implementation to meet the requirements.  For example, how to write constructors to meet specific requirements regarding extensiblity, constructors for enhancing/restricting functionality of a third-party component.  And of course, questions included “what's new in 2.0“.

Now I have to take the two TS exams  - right now this exam counts toward nothing :O, but... I'll start tomorrow or the day after or the day afther that....

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