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I have a Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 which I totally love.  I've been almost obnoxious in referrals to friends.  The Laser is definitely worth the additional cost.  But now that I have a new laptop with VISTA Ultimate I am having trouble when using Quicken Deluxe 2006.  The scroll wheel only scrolls up - even when you are scrolling the wheel toward you. 

A quick search on Google shows others have experienced this same problem with Quicken and some other applications when using VISTA.  So far the fix seems to be  - buy a Logitech mouse. 

Maybe I am missing something - but it is a Microsoft OS and a Microsoft Mouse; I would have expected the Microsoft Mouse to perform better.  Another hidden cost of upgrading to VISTA. 

I also had to upgrade QuickBooks 2005  to QuickBooks Pro 2007 (QuickBooks 2005 is not supported) AND lucky for me, Intuit no longer has "upgrade" breaks from previous versions AND lucky for me Intuit no longer has QuickBooks Basic, just Pro.  Lucky for me if I happen to own stock in Intuit.

Now I guess I'll be buying a new mouse *sigh*


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There's another issue you might find with the Microsoft laser mouse and Vista Ultimate: there's an issue with the combination of the two that will prevent your screensaver from kicking in...I kid you not.

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Jun 24, 2007 8:39 PM

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I have the same problem with a wired mouse.
Left by HS on Nov 10, 2008 3:41 PM

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