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RV.NUG was VERY fortunate to recently have Kathleen Dollard as a guest presenter (courtesy of INETA).  If you are (or ever have been) a User Group leader, you know that there are times you just keep on keepin on.  You're not quite as enthused, not quite as motivated, but you keep on doing it because that's what UG leaders do.  And then, something happens and it's all worth while (again - because these moments do repeat). 

The December RV.NUG meeting was one of those moments.  It was "just another meeting" and it was in December, but we did have Kathleen Dollard speaking.. but it was in December.  Promoting the meeting paid off.  We had twice the normal attendance at the meeting and the whole night was one big wow.  Here are the top ten wow's of the evening.

  1. Kathleen is an awesome presenter.
  2. Several members we had not seen in a while attended the meeting.
  3. Kathleen really knows generics.
  4. We had new attendees at the meeting.
  5. Kathleen provided great information to beginners of generics and advanced users of generics.
  6. We had attendees from over an hour away in all four directions.
  7. Kathleen fielded questions from many attendees and answered them all.
  8. The networking after the meeting continued for over an hour. 
  9. Kathleen went out with some of us after the meeting and offered great advice on staying current in a rapidly changing technology world.
  10. Three attendees agreed to present next year.

The night can be summed up with the "word of the year" in the U.S. dictionary - w00t!   It is evenings like this that make being a UG leader the best volunteer job in town. 


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