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Windows 7 +1Among an users of Windows there are such people to whom smooth animations are not necessary at switching of windows etc. It is important for these users is speed of work and convenience. In a word, that is necessary for them - the responsible user interface. More recently we communicated with such user by e-mail. Its problem consisted that it is necessary to wait few time before he will see a preview window for the application at hovering on an application icon in the task panel. For this reason I have decided to write pair of tips for such category of users.

Acceleration of animation of showing of a preview window

Situation: At hovering on a icon of the application the preview window appears with a delay.

How to accelerate animation:

  1. We start the registry editor (Start –> Run –> regedit)
  2. We find key HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> Control Panel –> Mouse
  3. Herein we find value MouseHoverTime
  4. We correct this value from 400 to 50 (time of a delay of animation in milliseconds)
  5. Reboot

Switching-off an animation when maximize/minimize of window

Situation: At minimize/maximize of windows there is an animation which can stir in work. If it is fair for your case it can be switched-off.

Animation switching-off:

  1. We open the control panel (Control Panel)
  2. We open section System and Security, then subsection System
  3. In the left side of a window we choose item Advnced system settings
  4. In the appeared window in Advanced tab, in Performance group we press Settings button
  5. In the appeared window we switch off Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing option 

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