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This weekend has been fairly interesting!

The Good

The weekend started great; left work early, picked a kitchen for my new house then bought a 40" Sony Bravia LCD HD telly!! Woohoo, finally get rid of the big 32" block sat in the corner and we can upgrade to Sky HD and see what all the fuss is about!



The Bad

Despite another great century by Kevin Pietersen in the cricket world cup helping England to beat the West Indies by 1 wicket in a 300 run chase, certainly the best game of the tournament; England didnt make it into the semi-finals. Australia are a safe bet to win, unbeaten so far and playing the best cricket by far (ouch, that hurt!)

Brian Lara, in my opinon the most exciting batsmen ever in world cricket retired from the international scene after the afore mentioned game.  He was actually run out by Samuels on 18 - not a fitting end the career of this genius.


You must be f***king kidding

My missus bumped my car while I was parked on our drive; she reversed straight into it with her new car!  She has a tiny little scratch and I need a new door...

I know, its no Ferrari!!!  I have been driving for 10 years and not had a accident(touch wood!! - (how the hell that helps I dont know :-) ), then my car gets trashed while parked up in my own drive!

That's her shiny new car in the background!

Ohh well on the bright side no-one was hurt (probably because I was parked up - did i mention that!!??), anyway so onward and upwards, its Monday tomorrow!

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