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On my new Dell XPS M1330 there is a finger print reader, now I have had a load of problems getting it to work on x64 Vista, well the driver was there, but the associated software is not supplied by dell in an x64 version. I did however find the full retail version from the Upek website, that thankfully is 64 bit and considering it cost <£10, I didn't think twice about the investment.

I am totally loving it, no more typing anything to login, I simply swipe my thumb across the reader and bingo!  (Considering I normally just sleep the laptop, I am logged in within 6-8 seconds...the machine rocks!)  You can also associate your finger print with login details on websites - so simply load up the page, swipe your thumb, the form is filled and submitted (that's a separate option).  You can do a lot more with it, which I will discover in time, but those couple of features are good enough for now!!

What would be great is if that little built in camera could just detect it was me and do the business!

Realistically I guess the fingerprint security is actually less secure than a well constructed password; if I'm dead for example the password if gone for good, but the thumb is free to use!

Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2008 2:37 PM Personal | Back to top

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