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You may come up against this little error when working on a MVC application, I specifically find things like this crop up when you are upgrading from previous version e.g. VS 2008 to 2010 and the like.


They are a complete pain in the bum quite frankly, you can spend hours googling around, trying this trying that, posting questions here and there etc etc…so I’m adding to the this and that which you will of course try, because it’s the sort of error you don’t care about…it’s just getting in the way of your day!


There would seem to be some kind of issue with MvcBuildViews and this error


Anyway, what worked for me was to delete the debug directory from within the obj directory and it all worked…


Hopefully this will help someone else!! Or at the very least be something else to try on the way to solving another time wasting issue!!


UPDATE:  May have been a bit hasty in my excitement of solving this…its really only part solved as I find i have to delete the debug directory every time I want to publish/package!

Posted on Monday, November 29, 2010 8:12 AM .NET , , Visual Studio , MVC | Back to top

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