This is a little out of date since it has taken me a while to get around to reading the latest Microsoft Architecture Journal.  There is an article within this issue that covers Perspective-Base Architecture.  I had mentioned this method in a previous blog when it was discussed on ARCast.  This article includes diagrams, explanations of the process and examples.

I feel that this process has a lot of potential.  Any time that you look at a problem from a different angle improves the chances of finding a better answer.  I believe that is the central ideas of this method.

One thing I really appreciated was the openness of the article.  It stressed the fact that the Perspective-Based Method is intended to work in conjunction with your existing methodology.  I also found the flow diagram of the process very helpful in understanding the recommended sequence and decision points.

One final area to pay special attention to is the sidebar.  It shows some example questions for each zone.  For more questions check out their site: