This latest show really interested me since the topic was Enterprise Library.  It is a subject that is near and dear to my heart since I spent significant amount of time working on a few chapters of a book for the 2.0 release.  I have to admit I haven't had much time to keep up lately and had even forgotten that they had moved it to CodePlex.

I found the application blocks that were added for 3.0 exciting.  The fact that there is now a validation application block and a policy injection application block I think shows how far we as a community have come in our abstraction. 

Now there is also an Application Block Software Factory.  Now that is something to get excited about.  I can tell you from experience that even writing new classes isn't a cake walk.  This sort of wire frame to help those brave enough to build their own application blocks is a god send.

Do yourself and your team a service and check this out.