Ok, so I am a little behind the adoption curve for an IT person.  I had a machine crash recently and finally purchased a computer with Vista installed.  I have to say that so far I am less than impressed.  I am sure that the computer needs more memory but I am experiencing random screen flickers where the screen will black for a second and then everything is fine.  This seems to only happen when there are a number of popup bubbles.

Another wierd thing is windows keep resizing themselves when I am clicking but not touching the resize controls.  I think this might just be tuning of the touch pad.

Now trying to navigate with the new Windows Explorer and Program menu are taking a while to get used to.  Things aren't where I expect them to be and I think it is trying to hide detail that I need to figure out how to turn off. 

I may right more later, but for now I will leave the rant at this point.